All Club Friendlies 2017
The following information is only a guide.
Changes to fixtures will happen during the season. Confirmed information can be found on the Availability and Team Selection sheets posted down at the Clubhouse. Our Club Captain Mick Yeo can be contacted on 01453 823307.
 April  Friday  14th Opening of the Green  Home   2.30pm  Casual      
 April Saturday  15th  President v Captain  Home   2.00pm  Greys   T&B   
 April Wednesday  19th Victory Park   Home  2.00pm  Greys 5T  T&B   
  April Saturday  22nd  Cam Mills  Home   2.30pm  Whites  5R T&B   
 April  Sunday  23rd  Frampton League Trial  Home  2.00pm  Greys  6R    
April Wednesday 26th Bredon Away 2.30pm Greys 5T T&B  
April Saturday 29th Falcon Home 2.30pm Whites 5R T&B  
 May  Thursday  4th  Chepstow  Away  2.30pm  Greys  5T  ?  
 May  Saturday  6th Churchdown   Away  2.30pm  Whites  5R  T&B  
 May  Saturday  13th Cam Mills   Away  2.30pm  Whites  5R  T&B  
 May  Wednesday  17th Gloucester Spa   Home  2.00pm  Greys  5T  T&B  
 May  Saturday  20th  Stroud  Away  2.30pm  Greys  5R  T&B  
 May  Sunday  21st Cotswold   Away  2.30pm  Greys  5R  T&B  
 May  Thursday  25th  Wotton Under Edge  Away  2.30pm  Greys  5T  T&B  
 May  Sunday  28th  Cirencester  Away  2.30pm  Whites  5R  ?  
 June  Saturday  3rd Nailsworth   Away  2.30pm  Whites  4R  ?  
 June  Thursday  8th Victory Park   Away  2.00pm  Greys  5T  ?  
 June  Sunday  11th Clevedon Prom   Away  2.00pm  Whites  6R  ?  
 June  Thursday  15th Wotton Under Edge   Home  2.30pm  Greys  5T  T&B  
June Saturday 17th Australian Pairs Home 2.00pm Casual      
 June  Thursday  22nd Tetbury   Away  2.30pm  Greys  5T  T&B  
 June  Saturday  24th Olveston   Away  2.30pm  Whites  6R  ?  
 June  Wednesday  28th  Chepstow  Home  2.30pm  Greys  5T  T&B  
 June  Friday  30th Cam Mills ... A38 Cup   Home  6.30pm  Greys  6R  ? Postponed 
 July  Saturday  1st Tetbury   Home  2.30pm  Whites  4/5R  T&B  
July Monday 3rd Masons Home 2.00pm Greys 5T T&B  
July Saturday 8th Cinderford Away 2.30pm Whites 5R ?  
July Saturday 15th Stroud Home 2.30pm Greys 5R T&B  
July Wednesday 19th Victory Park Home 6.30pm Greys 5R Supper  
July Thursday 20th Nailsworth Away 2.15pm Greys 6T T&B  
July Saturday 22nd Bishops Cleeve Away 2.30pm Whites 5R ?  
July Saturday 29th Pineholt Away 3.00pm Whites 5R ?  
August Wednesday 2nd Painswick Away 2.30pm Greys 5T ?  
August Sunday 6th Tetbury Away 3.00pm Whites 5R ?  
August Thursday 10th Dursley Home 2.30pm Greys 5T T&B  
August Saturday 12th Falcon Home 2.30pm Whites 5R T&B  
August Thursday 17th Stroud Home 2.30pm Greys 5T T&B  
August Saturday 19th Club Two Wood Comp   11.00am        
August Thursday 24th Nailsworth Home 2.15pm Greys 6T T&B  
August Saturday 26th EDF Energy Away 2.30pm Whites 5R ?  
August Sunday 27th Cotswold Away 2.30pm Whites 5R ?  
 August  Monday  28th Jack Scott Triples    2.30pm  Casual      
 August  Thursday  31st  Tetbury  Home  2.30pm  Greys  5T  T&B  
 September  Saturday  2nd Club Finals Day     TBC Whites       
 September  Sunday  3rd Club Finals Day     TBC  Whites      
 September  Tuesday  5th  Painswick  Home  2.30pm  Greys  5T  T&B  
 September  Saturday  9th Australian Pairs Day  Home  2.00pm  Greys  6R  ?  
 September  Wednesday  13th Cotswold   Away  2.30pm  Greys  5T  ?  
 September  Saturday  16th Nailsworth   Home  2.30pm  Whites  4R  T&B  
 September  Wednesday  20th  Falcon  Away  2.00pm        
 September  Saturday  23rd Closing of the Green     TBC  Casual      
Frampton On Severn Bowls Club