A big "Thank You" to Smiths for providing us with a Skip to help dispose of the 6 tonnes of soil removed from the hedge and front garden.
After many years of maintaining our own green the Club decided to "contract out the work" to a Turf Management company. This was a major step. Jack Scott and Pete Harrison took the green on back in the late seventies and through the years along with various helpers namely Stan Dando and for the last 10 years John Williams  Pete has been the custodian of the green. The Club has been awarded many prestigous games over the years which is testament to the skill and sheer hard work put in over the years by these members. The process to find a Turf Managament company started in 2015 and after many weeks of research and consultation with other Clubs Avonmore Associates had the right credentials and an excellent reputation. Since they have taken on our green we have been very pleased with the quality of their work, the efficency of their staff and we look forward to a long and happy association.

Progressive Systems are a local company who amongst other things supply Garage Doors ... Yes our Green Keepers "Shed" has one of their doors. Fitted by two of the best fitters Progressive Systems have ( Their words not mine) Arthur and Lee Elliott. Progressive Systems have kindly helped with the cost of the Fence and Front Garden projects. Should you be in the market for a garage door or an awning         
(I have seen them and they are excellent quality) fitted again by Arthur and Lee please speak to either of them. Brochures and leaflets are available in the Club House.



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